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Alcatraz Cruises Leading the Charge and So Is California

An iconic landmark and national park situated in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz is a unique place that visitors can only reach by boat.Alcatraz Cruises operates the greenest ferry boats in the nation and acknowledged worldwide winning countless certifications for our environmental and conservation efforts as a core value within our organization. Learn more at;

Among the new technology onboard their fleet of vessels they've also recently added Omniflow solutions providing power onboard to charge devices through wind and solar sources.This atypical use case says a lot about the versatility of Omniflow technology that brings many more use cases in cities such as Smart Lighting, 5G coverage, EV charging, Drone Charging Stations and Computer Vision, often combined in one unit.

California has become a key market for Omniflow with projects up and down the state: energy savings on a large campus, state-wide vehicle-to-vehicle (and V2X) road safety, 5G enabled services bringing coverage in critical places, airport infrastructure renovation, university campus security, city-wide smart lamp posts upgrades.'California is catching up very quickly with what we see happening in modern cities around the world' says Pedro Ruåo, Omniflow CEO. 'We were encouraged by the foresight of city leaders around the country such as in Yonkers New York where we received a National Innovation award for our wind and solar lighting solution' says Luis Barros, Omniflow USA."

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