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inside omniled tech
  • What are the normal Savings of Omniflow systems compared to Old street lights like HPS?
    Depending on the power of the solution and site location normal savings are generally higher than 92%
  • What are the normal Savings of Omniflow systems compared to LED lights?
    Depending on the power of the solution and site location normal savings are generally higher than 75%
  • Can Omniflow solutions be off-grid?
    Normally Omniflow solutions are connected to the grid as a backup. depending on the load and site location , Off-grid solution can be proposed. Always contact Omniflow for a site and load evaluation.
  • Can I use Omniflow in my house?
    Omniflow solutions produce, store and consumes power directly inside the unit. It's not indicated for microgeneration. It's possible to use in the garden for lighting/wifi/security purposes
  • What is the generated power capacity of Omniflow products?
    Omniled 07 has an installed capacity of 60Wp solar and 100Wp wind. It generates on average 250Wh/day depending on site conditions. For other models please consult the datasheet available on the product section.
  • Does the wind and solar work at the same time?
    Yes. The Omniflow battery can be charged both by wind and solar. When grid connected, the loads can also be powered by the grid when the battery levels are low. The next day when there is sufficient power from renewable energies these will be used to top the batteries.
  • What is the starting speed of the wind generator?
    Turbine starts spinning at 1.5m/s and starts charging the batteries at 3m/s steady speed.
  • What happens to the turbine when the batteries are fully charged?
    OmniBrain controller stops the turbine from spinning when the batteries are fully charged or the wind speed is too high.
  • Do the solar photovoltaic panel need regular cleaning?
    The wind creates a vortex in the photovoltaic panels are self cleaning the cells of any dirt and also cooling, rising the efficiency of the solar generation.
  • What is the efficiency of the solar cells used in Omniflow products?
    Omniflow has Maxeon SunPower cells that have an efficiency of >23%
  • What can be done if the power consumption is higher than the power generation of Omniflow product?
    Omniflow has grid-backup. So if there is no renewable energy available at a certain time it will activate the grid connection. Omniflow can also use additional solar PV and extra batteries if the solution is meant to be Off-Grid
  • Can Omniflow solution be in different colors?
    Yes. Custom colored units can be created with a minimum order of 50 units.
  • What are the technology and lifetime of the batteries?
    Omniflow systems use Lead Crystal batteries that offer deep cycle and high temperature range from -20 Cº to +60 Cº Depending on temperature and discharge cycle the lifetime of the batteries can oscillate from 6-12 Years.
  • Can I use my electronic components in Omniflow system?
    Warranty of Omniflow system is voided if alterations to the system are made without the written consent of Omniflow and done by an official representant
  • What is the Warranty period for Omniflow products?
    Omniflow products have a standard 2 years Warranty. Omniflow offers extended warranty periods. please consult us for more information
  • What is necessary to install Omniflow products?
    Please consult the product manual for detailed information
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